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FLEXIMA® - Innovative solutions for sleeping comfort on yachts in caravans and at home. Let‘s start another successful dealership together! The high quality, functionality and attractiveness of our products provide you with a distinct competitive advantage. Our dedicated team is here to support you with top-notch customer service. Become a part of the Flexima family and begin your journey of success with FLEXIMA®!

Why become a FLEXIMA® dealer?

Dealer Support
Enjoy access to programs and information that help you increase sales and profitability.

Dealer Portal
Place your orders and access product information.

Dealer Marketing
Download marketing materials to create custom advertisements and social media posts.

Attractive Conditions
Benefit from an attractive trading margin on all products.

Innovative Products
Enhance customer satisfaction with new innovative products and solutions for special cases.

Excellent Customer Service
As part of the Flexima family, all dealer enjoy excellent customer service.


Here’s what some of our most successful dealers have to say

Westhead Marine
Westhead MarineAustralien
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"Our Flexima dealer, Karl, shares in the video how he conquered the Australian market with Flexima and why the collaboration with Flexima has been so successful for him over the years."
Visser Watersport
Visser WatersportNiederlande
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"Visser Watersport has always been a Dutch pioneer regarding new products and as the Flexima Nautic mattresses came to the Netherlands we noticed the high quality and comfort right away. We have been a Flexima dealer since 2016 and we have already made a lot of mattresses for our customers. After we have made the template we digitally send it to Austria and in just a few weeks the mattress is deliverd to us. All of our customers become ambassadors for this product due to the high quality and comfort! The collaboration between Flexima and us has been outstanding!"
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"For about 9 years now, we've been sleeping in our caravan on an incredibly comfortable Flexima mattress. We are very satisfied with this Comfort mattress featuring an integrated soft topper and its optimal firmness for our body weight. When we started our own upholstery business 7 years ago, we reached out to Flexima to inquire if we could import and distribute their mattresses, as we were thoroughly impressed by their product. This is how we became Swiss dealers and a part of the Flexima family. We sell these products out of conviction, as the mattress system is unique, and we only receive positive feedback from our customers! By the way, we also sleep on Flexima mattresses privately now, so that we can start each day well-rested, not just during our holidays."
Flexima Matrassen
Flexima MatrassenNiederlande
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"Flexima Matrassen is the Dutch importer for the Flexima Home and Flexima Camper/Caravan mattresses. Our main goal is to provide our customers with a high quality, comfortable and supportive mattress via good advice and service. After quite a few years of experience with Flexima Nautic (via Visser Watersport) we decided to enter the even larger camper/caravan industry. We benefit from the direct contact and support from Matratzen Manufaktur. This allows us, as importer, to act quickly towards our customers. Working with Flexima allows us to provide the highest comfort possible for our customers. By doing so, Flexima is more than just a mattress. The possibility to change the amount of springs to ensure the most comfort and support is a true game changer. "

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