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A FLEXIMA® mattress can be made in various heights, shapes, degrees of firmness and dimensions.

Luxurious sleeping comfort

Hundreds of point-elastic spring elements optimally support the body in any lying position and relieve the spine in the process.


A FLEXIMA® mattress can dry quickly due to the continuous cavities. So bacteria and mold have no chance.


The high-quality TENCEL® covers can be easily washed at 60 degrees and are therefore also the right choice for allergy sufferers.

Regionally produced

The metal-free FLEXIMA® spring elements are injection-molded from high-tech plastic without the use of plasticizers.


The FLEXIMA® spring elements can neither corrode nor amplify electromagnetic interference fields in the sleeping area.

Environmentally friendly

The mattress can be sorted by type (cover, foam, plastic) at the end of its service life.
be disposed of.

Certified materials

All components used in a FLEXIMA® mattress are certified according to ÖKO-TEX 100.

A premium mattress

introduces itself

Is it important to you to offer your customers an excellent mattress? With the advantage of having highly satisfied guests and getting the best ratings for them? Exactly these experiences have already been made by colleagues of yours with our FLEXIMA® mattresses.

You don't get a FLEXIMA® in stores. It is manufactured and sold in our mattress manufactory in Carinthia according to our own world patent. Mainly in special dimensions for ships and caravans. We can offer a large number of excellent references in this area. FLEXIMA® mattresses are particularly appreciated on luxury yachts.

Unbeatable hotel mattress advantages

Layer by Layer

– Unique ventilation system
A FLEXIMA® breathes with you. With every movement you push moist, warm air out of the mattress core. Thus, you create your own microclimate in the bed and moisture does not get a chance to persist.

– Antiallergic mattress cover
The surface of FLEXIMA® mattress covers is made of TENCEL®. This highly innovative and sustainable natural fiber with botanical origin is produced in Austria and is one of the most skin-friendly materials.

– Breathable cold foam core
Only emc® foams are processed in a FLEXIMA®. These have been specially designed to ensure an optimal combination of ergonomics and comfort.

Unbeatable hotel mattress advantages

The spring element

The heart of our mattresses is a FLEXIMA® spring element. It is our patented innovation in the mattress market and a small revolution in the mattress industry.

It consists of a high-quality plastic, which ensures excellent spring action.

The main function of the unique inner life of FLEXIMA® mattresses is to create a microclimate, where humidity has no chance to exist. The center guarantees an air circulation for a healthy mattress!

Since the slatted frame is already integrated in the cold foam through the spring elements made of plastic, the Flexima can be placed directly on a closed surface (wood, fibreglass). Nevertheless, you can enjoy great spring comfort, and humidity (heat) will be pumped out of the side of the mattress with each movement.

Flexima Softtopper in allen Standard und Sondermaßen erhältlich


A soft topper transforms every bed into a fantastically soft oasis of well-being. It is particularly suitable as a top mattress on firm mattresses, it creates a wonderfully soft sleeping pad without any ergonomic disadvantages.

Zipfelsitzsack mit Fußsack

Comfortable beanbags

Upcycling – our leftover foam is recycled. Cold foam flakes are turned into comfortable beanbags, cushions or footmuffs.
The combination results in a wonderful feel-good seating and lying area.

Matratzenschoner versteppt mit Befestigungsgummis

Mattress protector

We recommend our original FLEXIMA® mattress protectors for the FLEXIMA® mattress. These offer the same excellent properties as our mattress covers and are also available in "waterproof".

Lyofill Kissen von Flexima

Pillows & Covers

Lyofill pillows & covers are characterized by their lightness, their extremely pleasant properties in terms of moisture and heat regulation and their special skin-friendliness.

Testimonials our Hotelclients

Quellenhotel Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf
Quellenhotel Heiltherme Bad WaltersdorfMag. Gernot Deutsch
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"Beste Gästezufriedenheit dank der eingesetzten FLEXIMA® Hotelmatratzen im Quellenhotel Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf. Als Wellness- und Gesundheitsresort legen wir viel Wert auf Entspannung und Erholung für unsere Gäste. Gesunder Schlaf spielt hierbei eine wesentliche Rolle. Diesen können wir dank der hervorragenden Qualität der Matratzen mit erwähnenswertem Liegekomfort auch bestens gewährleisten. Wir erhalten immer wieder sehr positives Gästefeedback zum besonderen Schlafkomfort in unserem Haus."
My Apartmentservice
My ApartmentserviceSusanne Voppichler
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„Mehrere Apartments, die wir betreuen, sind mit FLEXIMA Premium Matratzen und FLEXIMA Matratzenschonern ausgestattet. Die Rückmeldungen unserer Gäste zu den Matratzen sind hervorragend, insbesondere der sehr gute Schlafkomfort wird überdurchschnittlich oft in den Bewertungen, auf den verschiedenen Buchungsplattformen, erwähnt. Die Handhabung was Reinigung und Pflege der Schoner und Überzüge betrifft ist sehr gut. Wir sind rundherum zufrieden mit den Flexima Matratzen und Matratzenschonern und können diese uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.“

Have we aroused your interest in our hotel mattresses?

Would you like to offer your guests – who will surely surprise you with the special sleeping comfort of a FLEXIMA®.
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