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Custom made mattresses for
Your motorhome, camper or

Within a few hours
to a new custom mattress

After making an appointment with Matratzen Manufaktur GmbH in St. Andrä, you have the opportunity to choose your custom-made FLEXIMA® mattress. You can decide the height and hardness and discuss the production possibilities with the experts of Matratzen Manufaktur.

There is no need to take any measurements by yourself and after a short waiting period you can continue driving with your new and custom-made FLEXIMA® mattress.

Custom-made mattresses for your mobile home, camper and caravan

The FLEXIMA® mattress was developed to provide maximum comfort on caravans. Our customers deserve the best sleeping comfort, great perfection in the finishing, high-quality materials and above all, maximum functionality. International awards and thousands of satisfied customers tell us that we are on the right way with our product. Experience relaxing days and nights with the FLEXIMA® mattress system and encounter pure happiness.

The heart of the mattress

The spring element

The heart of our mattresses is a FLEXIMA® spring element. It is our patented innovation in the mattress market and a small revolution in the mattress industry.

It consists of a high-quality plastic, which ensures excellent spring action.

The main function of the unique inner life of FLEXIMA® mattresses is to create a microclimate, where humidity has no chance to exist. The center guarantees an air circulation for a healthy mattress!

Since the slatted frame is already integrated in the cold foam through the spring elements made of plastic, the Flexima can be placed directly on a closed surface (wood, fibreglass). Nevertheless, you can enjoy great spring comfort, and humidity (heat) will be pumped out of the side of the mattress with each movement.

Aufbau einer Flexima Caravan Matratze

unbeatable advantages

layer by layer

– Unique ventilation system
A FLEXIMA® breathes with you. With every movement you push moist, warm air out of the mattress core. Thus, you create your own microclimate in the bed and moisture does not get a chance to persist.

– Antiallergic mattress cover
The surface of FLEXIMA® mattress covers is made of TENCEL®. This highly innovative and sustainable natural fiber with botanical origin is produced in Austria and is one of the most skin-friendly materials.

– Breathable cold foam core
Only emc® foams are processed in a FLEXIMA®. These have been specially designed to ensure an optimal combination of ergonomics and comfort.

Our made-to-measure mattresses
are available in any size and any shape

Body weight up to approx. 70 kg Body weight up to approx. 90 kg Body weight up to approx. 110 kg Body weight from 110 kg


17 – 18 cm

9 kg


21 – 22 cm

11 kg


ca. 8 cm


Multi-part mattresses can be connected at the top with a zip.
The soft topper can be attached to the mattress (in one or two parts) with a zip connection.
The soft topper is always soft and can be used on any mattress.
One-piece double mattresses can also have different firmness levels.
In principle, individual upholstery covers are possible on request.
Fire resistant covers (Trevira CS) can be ordered.

Order matching fitted sheets at the same time.

Best caravan mattress: Any size and shape is possible!

We want to make sure you are happy with your new RV mattress, soft topper or fitted sheet.
Therefore, we request that you provide us with the desired dimensions. Also, please send us a photo of the bed or your old mattress.


When it comes to sleeping comfort, the FLEXIMA® soft topper is the perfect add-on to your FLEXIMA® mattress. The soft topper is also suitable for other mattresses and cushions that are too hard or in several disjointed pieces. A coherent soft topper can enhance the quality of your sleeping comfort. Nonetheless, other mattresses and cushions still lack ventilation.

Softtopper nach Maß


07:56 05 Aug 22
Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit unserer neuen Matratze, auf der wir beide endlich ohne Rückenschmerzen unseren Urlaub genießen können.Blöd nur, dass wir nicht schon früher auf diese Firma aufmerksam wurden🤗Die Betreuung und Herstellung war perfekt! Am Nachmittag vom Chef sehr freundlich empfangen, nach einer interessanten Firmenbesichtigung wurde gleich Maß genommen und am nächsten Tag konnten wir die neue Matratze schon abholen. Das Übernachten am nicht weit entfernten Stellplatz am Badessee St. Andrä war auch überaus angenehm und praktisch, da keine weite An bzw. Abreise nötig war.Die Maßanfertigung hat zwar seinen Preis, der aber absolut gerechtfertigt ist. Wir können diese Firma nur weiterempfehlen und jedem ans Herz legen, der wunderbare Nächte in seinem Wohnmobil verbringen möchte.😊
Robert CzölderRobert Czölder
18:42 26 Jul 22
Hervorragende, maßgeschneiderte Matratzen für unseren Campingbus ! Vielen Dank für die gute Beratung und die fachgerechte Maßanfertigung von Matratzen und Spannbetttücher.
Dama VanDama Van
09:47 07 Jul 22
Nun endlich konnte ich meine neue, softe Flexima Premium Matratze, während meines einwöchigen Urlaubs, beschlafen und bin zum ersten Mal ohne Rückenschmerzen im Camper erwacht. Es ist eine traumhaft bequeme, auf meinen Wunsch längsklappbare, qualitativ äußerst hochwertige Matratze, die in nur 2 Stunden nach Maß gefertigt war. Ich kann diese Firma nur empfehlen - freundlich, bemüht, schnell und das Wichtigste - qualitativ unglaublich hochwertige Produkte.
Christian NatterChristian Natter
06:54 03 Jul 22
Der Service von Angebotslegung, Beratung bis hin zur Lieferung und Qualität der Matratzen war perfekt.
Heinz JohamHeinz Joham
05:21 10 Jun 22
Kann den Betrieb nur empfehlen ,die Matratzen perfekt verarbeitet, und in einem Tag auf Sonderwünsche angepasst. Sehr freundliche Mitarbeiter.


The FLEXIMA® system comes in various heights, degrees of firmness to fit any requirements.

Sleeping comfort

Hundreds of point-elastic spring
elements support your body in
your optimal sleeping position and helps to relieve your spine.


Humid mattresses foster bacteria
and mold. Therefore, FLEXIMA® mattresses have ventilation cavities to keep them dry.


The high-quality TENCEL® covers can be washed at 60 degrees and are therefore the suitable for people with allergies.

Made in Austria

The metal-free FLEXIMA® spring elements are injection molded with a high-tech plastic without any use of plasticizers.


FLEXIMA® spring elements are
neither subject to corrosion nor
do they enhance electro-magnetic
interferences in the sleeping area.


All  FLEXIMA® matresses are environmentally friendly. Any mattress can be divided and disposed at the end of the lifetime (fabric, foam, plastic).

Certified materials

The high-quality TENCEL® covers can be washed at 60°C. Which is important for the people with allergies. All components of a FLEXIMA®
mattress are certified according
to ÖKO-TEX 100.

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How it works: Please enter the maximum width and length (top of the mattress) in cm of your desired mattress shape.
You are also welcome to send us a sketch or a picture of the bed or the old mattress.